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Online dating didn’t used to be acceptable.” But even Valdez, founder of Virtual Dating, acknowledges that some people might feel squishy about a date connecting with them through his service.“We usually advise our clients not to disclose (that they’ve used our service),” he says.“I think it’s genius,” says Brian Jones, a 40-year-old single property manager from Seattle.“You can have someone else weed through all the crap and tell you whether a person really sounds good or if they only sound good because you’re desperate.” Others, however, are more dubious.

“For me, those first e-mails are absolutely critical. I wouldn’t like not being the one communicating and expressing my voice and my personality — but more importantly, I want the stuff coming from that person.

“At some point, the tone and timbre of his e-mails just changed.

I asked him about it and he said, ‘I’m not a very good writer so I was having a married friend of mine write the e-mails.’ I felt that was false, like I was falling for the wrong guy.” Too far or not far enough?

“Going through different profiles and sending out e-mails is purely mechanical work.

For somebody as busy as I am, sitting down and doing that is not productive.” Cyber-Cyranos Outsourcing one’s love life is nothing new, of course.

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Many singles have also turned to sites like E-Cyrano or Look Better Online to have professionals ghostwrite their online dating profiles. “I gave my mom my password and had her going through profiles for me,” says Paige, the Philadelphia marketing guru.

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