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Zetsu dares the other Akatsuki members to obtain dates. Will these notorious criminals be able to enjoy successful relationships? Anyway, read and review this story as well as all of our other ones!! And because we're all awesome here, let's review, okay? "She proceeded to lunge for the nearest platter (which happened to be Sasori's), snatched up a soggy piece of French toa Sat and shoved it (in a rather unlady-like manner) into her mouth.

I'd like to tell you about how this story came into existence. Naturally, she demanded to know who he went out with and I thought she was insane, since I clearly said 'Itachi's First Day'. Anyway, this story is a collaboration (as you've no doubt guessed) with my acquaintance Imafish with whom I share a tolerate/hate relationship. So, please enjoy the following collection of stupidity, randomness and pointless crap. " Don't you know I'm hypoglycemic, I need to eat lots!

about a marvelous story called 'Itachi's First Day' (go read it), and, being a little hard of hearing, she heard 'Itachi's First Date'.

Although maybe our inordinately long disclaimer/author's notes were so cool you just want to review them. Chapter 1: Getting the Girl It started innocently enough. After the fight to pull out Konan's chair for her (Pein won), the criminals went to the kitchen to make Konan's breakfast.///The male Akatsuki member stood before Konan, each clutching a heaping tray of food. She chewed, made an expression of extreme distaste and spat the mess onto the unfortunate puppet master's cloak."That was revolting! She snatched up a knife and fork and began to saw off a piece of meat."Hey! "That's where the f***ing milkman went, you f***er! "Konan froze in horror, the loaded fork almost at her mouth.

Now, Orochimaru, his minions, and the other test takers are after Sasuke. For instance, Sakura and her rival from the village, Ino, are both blondes, but you can tell them apart because of a segment in Vol.Naruto is arguably the least powerful character in the series, along with Sakura. ****1/2Our 11 y/o is finally enjoying to read because of these books.I haven't the slightest clue as to what they are about, but he sure does and he loves them.Hidan held up another smaller platter, revealing a lump smothered with whipped cream." The heart is for dessert", he supplied helpfully." Would eat that, Hhidan? Deidara's tray consisted of whole wheat toast (with margarine, not butter), skim milk, low-fat yogurt, organic fruit and a bowl of healthy cereal." It's all slimming low-fat food, un! " Konan asked in a strangled voice, struggling to keep her midnight snack from making an appearance." Well, no *beep*ing way, but it's not about me, it's *beep*ing about you!

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" Zetsu taunted, and Itachi's eyes narrowed dangerously."Are you suggesting that I am unattractive to the opposite sex? All he found was a few cheap plastic knives, forks and one broken spoon.

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